Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Archibald Lochry Letters Finding Aid

The Swain Report, Number 8

Archibald Lochry letters

by David Swain

Archibald Lochry, from Bedford, Westmoreland County, PA, was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. In June 1781, he and his 107 men assembled at Fort Pitt, assigned to march SW from there to meet George Rogers Clark’s expedition at Wheeling, VA (now WV). Their goal was to capture Detroit. By mischance, Lochry and his men were ambushed by British and Indian fighters, and his entire force was killed or captured. Lochry himself was killed. Little more is known about this man except that he held a few local public positions in Westmoreland County.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christopher Greene Papers Finding Aid

The Swain Report, Number 7

Christopher Greene was an important figure in the American Revolution. Raised in Rhode Island and a member of a prominent New England family, Greene served in various capacities throughout the Revolutionary War, but is most noted for serving as a Colonel in the Rhode Island militia, where he organized a regiment of former slaves to support the Revolution. Greene was killed in battle leading this regiment in 1781. In 2009, the DLAR acquired his papers from the Rhode Island Historical Society. Below, David Swain gives a detailed account of Greene’s life and of the collection’s content, most of which relates to Greene’s military service.

Patrick Spero

Christopher Greene Papers

by David Swain

Biographical Information

Christopher Greene (1737-1781) was a member of the large and prominent Greene family of Rhode Island, a third cousin to General Nathanael Greene. Christopher’s father died when he was 24, leaving him the family mill estate and business, which he ran until he joined the Rhode Island contingent of the Revolutionary Army in 1775 at the age of 38. Before the Revolution, he also served several terms in the Rhode Island colonial legislature.