Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Volunteering at the David Library: One Student's Perspective

 Over this past winter, local high school student Chad Hogan volunteered on Saturdays here at the Library, aiding in a variety of routine operations. He has provided an account of his experience, which we hope will encourage other interested students to approach us about volunteer opportunities. The David Library is happy to support individuals with an interest in history who wish to learn more about our operations.

 Volunteering at the David Library

by Chad Hogan

I came to the library in the early days of December 2010. I started my first day at library anxiously, not knowing much of what I’d be doing but my interest and love of history propelled me past my anxiousness. On the first day, Mrs. Ludwig presented me with an array of jobs to get started. It ranged from shelving books and microfilm to sorting through primary sources. The work was interesting and important to the functioning of the library. Each day that I worked at the David Library, I gained a greater appreciation for the important work that is done at the library and the history that is preserved for that era of the United States. We are very fortunate to live in an area that contains so many important aspects of early American History. The unique contribution that the library makes to the area makes me feel very proud to be part of it. After a week, my jobs turned to sorting through many vertical files and making copies of pensions in microfilm. The jobs were definitely interesting and invoked a stronger passion for history. Although I was the volunteer, the library contributed much more to my life than I could imagine and I am grateful for that.

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