Saturday, June 30, 2012

Intern's Corner: The Battle of Monmouth

For further reading about the Battle of Monmouth, consult the following sources, available at the David Library of the American Revolution.

Battle maps: Battle of Monmouth
Garry Wheeler Stone

The Battle of Monmouth
Samuel Stelle Smith

The battle of Monmouth
William Stryker

Ebenezer Wild diaries, 1776-1792

Journal of a march, a battle, and a waterfall : being the version elaborated by James McHenry from his diary of the year 1778 begun at Valley Forge, & containing accounts of the British, the Indians, and the Battle of Monmouth.

The making of a scapegoat : Washington and Lee at Monmouth
Theodore Thayer

Men of color at the Battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778 : the role of African Americans and native Americans at Monmouth : containing a brief history of these men of color and a presentation of more than one hundred names and identifications
Richard S. Walling

Monmouth Road to Glory
C. Malcolm B. Gilman

Journal of John André, 1777, June 11 - 1778, Nov. 15

Conflict at Monmouth Court House : proceedings of a symposium commemorating the two-hundredth anniversary of the battle of Monmouth, April 8, 1978

Monmouth Court House: the battle that made the American army
Joseph G. Bilby and Katherine Bilby Jenkins

Monmouth Courthouse, 1778: the last great battle in the north
Brendan Morrissey

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